Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hyundai Cars literally wrote on the face of the earth

This is just simply amazing. I wonder if i could do this one day, at least once in my life. To write on the face of the earth readable from the space.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Suicide bombers kill 20 in Afghanistan's southeast

At website when i opened, I saw some terrible news. The title says it all. Here is a short preview of the site's news:

KHOST, Afghanistan | Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:15am EDT

(Reuters) - Three suicide bombers killed 20 people in an attack on a construction firm in a restive province in southeastern Afghanistan, government officials said on Monday, with the Taliban claiming responsibility for the assault.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Did The Emperor Constantine Found The Catholic Church?: Catholic Answers

A video by Catholic Answers from Gloria.TV

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heroes 3 Episode 2

Episode 2: The Butterfly Effect September 22

Claire assured to her mother that Sylar will not be coming back in search for Sylar's thirst of power. She added "Coz he got what he came for" and took a deep breath. But her mother maliciously thought something happened about his coming to their house and asked her if he did something to her (malicious). But she said no, that's not it. Just then, her mother noticed something. She found out that Claire is wounded by the those broken glasses caused by Sylar's visit. But Claire did not feel any pain; and her wound is slowly rejuvinating.

One dream came to Angela Petrelli, it was about a horrible scene by villains. IN her dream she saw Hiro stabbed a long sword (the sword with the logo of Adam) and probably dead, she saw Matt with his throat being cut, and Claire has been attacked by someone unknown yet by this time. Noah's down and Peter badly injured. Oh! Claire's head it cutted out! There she saw the faces of the villains looking at her. Adam Monroe, Tracy Strauss (the twin of Nikki/Jessica Sanders), Matt's dad (i forgot his name) and the one unknown who killed Claire. And dont forget to mention Sylar behind her then she woke up!

Angela, went to future Peter(lets denote him with PeterF) and told him about the dream she just had. But PeterF wont listen to her since he believed he knew more than her because he came from the future. Angela believed that PeterF is not supposed to be at the present time because he is just causing trouble by screwing the time. "Its called the 'Butterfly Effect'" she said.

On the other hand, Maya went back to Dr Suresh to see him and she was amazed to see him with extraordinary strenght like a hulk. He showed his extraordinay ability proudly to Maya. Mohinder looks like he is out of his mind because I think he dont think that way.

Matt Parkman, woke up in an unknown dessert and could not find any body there. Walked almost a day starving and thirsting until he collapsed. Almost twighlight, he woke up and taught he was talkig to a tutle but he was talking to a person behind him. That person helped him and brought him in his place. He found out that he too has powers who could see the future and paint it.

Sylar walking through the villages somewhere caught the attention of some police in he neighborhood and assaulted him, tried to arrest him. They could because his power is in perfect shape.

Elle, Bob's daughter, who has the power of lightning admitted to his father that it was all her fault that Sylar got away. She assured him that she could stop Sylar by his high voltage electricity after Bob told her that Sylar had become unstoppable after possessing Claire's ability.

Hiro had privte detectives to take care of knowing who is responsible for stealing the piece of formula from his hand. A detective interrupted his conversation with Ando telling him the culprit. The culprit was a girl named Daphne Millbrook. As soon as Hiro found out the identity of this culprit, he tracked down his location and teleported to her house.

In Daphne's house, they found out that this Daphne stole many expensive stuffs. They searched and searched almost everywhere for the piece of formula but couldnt find it. They tried to st a trap so that when she comes in, they could ask for what she want. Ando agreed the he will be a bait so that they could capture Daphne, the speedster. But she suddenly came in. They agreed to have a trade with a medal that Daphne won in track and field as first place during her young days but she tricked them. Fortunately Hiro was able to install a tracking device to her medal and was able to locate her location.

Tracy Strauss (the twin of Nikki/Jessica Sanders) together with Governor Malden talked about Tracy's interest on Nathan Petrelli to run in the senate but the governor discouraged her about that.

When Tracy went to the parking basement, a man confronted her saying that she is Nikki who is really had the same appearance with her. She doesnt know the existence of Nikki since they were separated after their birth. Tracy refused to believe that man's story and went away with his cool sports car.
Claire, feeling that she is not a human being anymore since she cannot feel pain and believed that she wont die, she made another test recorded on the video cam. This time she is alone and her test is to get hit by a train. Fortunately, PeterF interrupted her and get her away from the train as if she was trying to kill herself. After that there was a conversation between them about the things going on and about to happen. And then he disappeared.

Tracy visited Nathan in the hospital to give him a proposition to run i the senate but Nathan thought it was Nikki.

Linderman behind, though invisible to everybody's eyes except Nathan tells him that she isnt really Nikki but Tracy. 

Elle, came to her father's office and found out that her dad is already dead. He was attacked by Sylar and got his power. Bob's power is to transform everything he touches into gold. What a great power! After knowing this, she went to Noah Bennet's cell to free him and announced to him the death of his father. There is no one else other than Noah that Elle could ask help from. But as soon as they went outside the door of Noah's cell, there Syalr came. Noah shoot him unfortunately Sylar can rejuvinate now and is immune to death. When Syalr was about to take Elle's power by slicing her head, Elle felt so much pain and she ucontrollably emit a powerful high voltage electricity like Pikachu doing a thunderbolt; and that stopped him from doing so.

Because of that, they were able to capture Sylar. Angela Petrelli after knowing the death of Bob assumed authority of the company they had and do things as if she has the highest rank in that company. Elle's authority being the daughter of Bob was not respected by Angela. Elle walked out.

In the hospital where Nathan is still in and is waiting for the right time to be released, he was talking to PeterF, of course Nathan doesnt know that the man he is talking to is the future Peter yet until, PeterF admitted that he came from the future and ask his advices. He told him his intentions and the things he need to know about the future. Sooner, Nathan called Tracy Strauss that he had already decided to take her proposal to become US senator.

But a man on the other hand went to Tracy after parking her car and told her that she really is Nikki Sanders and he got quite a proof. But Tracy wont admit that she is the one in the video he showed neither she was Nikki. In her arising anger to this man, her ability manifested and tuned this man into a freezing ice and broke into pieces after falling in the ground. He was dead and she killed him.

Back to Mohinder Suresh, after many hours since he injected himself with a chemical formula that made himself super strong like a hulk, a side effect came in. There were slimy gel-like substance came out of his back and some parts of his body.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NEOSSat (Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite)

In these days of modern era where New Age  stuffs are being discussed in most corners of the world, the topics on the end of the world is inevitable. Most talk about the prophesy in the Bible regarding the Armaggedon which said that the earth will end by a comet that will collide on our planet. Some says meteors will be resposible for it and many other astrological phenomenon that somehow lead to the notion of the end of the world.

Never fear because a Canadian Space Agency (CSA) together with the Defense Research Developement Canada (DRDC) has developed a technology - surveillance satellite to monitor our space activities. This technology is called NEOSSat.

NEOSSat which means Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite is the project that is about to be launched on its expected launching on the year 2010. Sounds futuristic right? We could imagine a Star Trek or Star Wars scenario for this specific project. Althought the project is just a piece of small high tech gadget which weigh about 143 pounds and is the size of a large suitcase, its capability is high since it is a product of CSA and DRDC.

This NEOSSat is a satellite designed to identify and track objects in space. That is to say that this project will take a look on the atmosphere above to know whether there are incoming meteors or asteroids or probably commet (Armaggedon!) that will about to enter the territory of Earth. NEOSSat's telescope will track asteroids that are on a potential collision course with earth. The telescope will also be able to identify and track space debris to prevent collisions that would disrupt telecommunications systems.

It will circle close to earth on a polar orbit that affords almost constant sunlight and a darker sky. From that vantage point, the telescope on NEOSSat will be able to monitor an area within 45 degrees of the sun. That area is very difficult, if not impossible, to observe from Earth-based telescopes and is also an area where near Earth asteroids tend to be concentrated.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Yesterday, I downloaded a movie from some movie sharing sites in the internet. Movies can be downloaded in Immediately after the download was complete, I, together with my brother, sister and niece watch the movie Transformer. I did have fun watching it because it was so cool and has really great visual effects.

Transformers is a 2007 live-action film adaptation of the Transformers franchise, directed by Michael Bay and written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. It stars Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky, a teenager involved in a war between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, two factions of alien robots who can disguise themselves by transforming into everyday machinery. The Decepticons desire control of the All Spark, the object that created their robotic race, with the intention of using it to build an army by giving life to the machines of Earth. Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson,Jon Voight and John Turturro also star, while Peter Cullen and Hugo Weaving provide the voices of Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively. Photo taken from

Producers Don Murphy and Tom DeSanto developed the project in 2003, with a treatment written by DeSanto. Executive producer Steven Spielberg came on board the following year, and hired Orci, Kurtzman and Bay for the project in 2005. The filmmakers wanted a realistic depiction of the story, and created a complex design aesthetic for the robots to stress their alien nature. The computer-generated characters were programmed to have thousands of mechanical pieces move as they transformed and maneuvered. The United States Military and General Motors lent vehicles and aircraft during filming, which saved money for the production and added realism to the battle scenes.

Hasbro organized an enormous promotional campaign for the film, making deals with hundreds of companies. This advertising blitz included a viral marketing campaign, coordinated releases of Transformers prequel comics books, Transformers toys and books, as well as product placement deals with GM and eBay. The film was a box office success despite mixed fan reaction to the radical redesigns of the characters, and reviews criticizing the focus on the humans at the expense of the robots. It is the thirtieth most successful film released and the fifth most successful of 2007, grossing approximately US$708 million worldwide. The film won four awards from the Visual Effects Society and was nominated for three Academy Awards. It revitalized media interest in the franchise, and a sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is expected for release on June 26, 2009.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Internet Networking

Ladies and Gentlemen,
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Long Term Evolution

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a 4G wireless broadband technology developed by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), an industry trade group. 3GPP engineers named it "Long Term Evolution" because it represents the next step in a progression from GSM, a 2G standard, to UMTS, the 3G technologies based upon GSM. LTE provides significantly increased peak data rates, with the potential for 100 Mbps downstream and 30 Mbps upstream, reduced latency, scalable bandwidth capacity, and backwards compatibility with existing GSM and UMTS technology. Future developments could yield peak throughput on the order of 300 Mbps.

The upper layers of LTE are based upon TCP/IP, which will likely result in an all-IPnetwork similar to the current state of wired communications. LTE will support mixed data, voice, video and messaging traffic. LTE uses OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) and, in later releases, MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antenna technology similar to that used in the IEEE 802.11n wireless local area network (WLAN) standard. The higher signal to noise ratio (SNR) at the receiver enabled by MIMO, along with OFDM, provides improved coverage and throughput, especially in dense urban areas.
LTE is scheduled to be launched commercially in 2010 by Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless. T-Mobile and Alltel have also announced plans to roll out 4G capabilities based on LTE. These networks will compete with Clearwire's WiMAX for both enterprise and consumer broadband wireless customers. Outside of the US telecommunications market, GSM is the dominant mobile standard, with more than 80% of the world's cellular phoneusers. As a result, HSDPA and then LTE are the likely wireless broadband technologies of choice for most users. Nortel and other infrastructure vendors are focusing significant research and development efforts on the creation of LTE base stations to meet the expected demand. When implemented, LTE has the potential to bring pervasive computing to a global audience, with a wire-like experience for mobile users everywhere.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Possibility of Cyborg

One night I was watching television. The show?Ripley's Believe It or Not, Philippines version showed in GMA 7. There it features about a professor on cyrbernetics and a possibility of real cyborg in the near future. After watching that, I surf the net to check this person named Professor Kevin Warwick.

Kevin Warwick is Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading, England, where he carries out research in artificial intelligence, control, robotics and biomedical engineering. He is also Director of the University KTP Centre, which links the University with Small to Medium Enterprises and raises over £2Million each year in research income for the University.

Kevin was born in Coventry, UK and left school to join British Telecom, at the age of 16. At 22 he took his first degree at Aston University, followed by a PhD and a research post at Imperial College, London. He subsequently held positions at Oxford, Newcastle and Warwick universities before being offered the Chair at Reading, at the age of 33.

more information here

In the show on Ripley's, he was interviewed by some interviewer of Ripley's and according to him, that in the near future a technology would arise. This technology will soon out wit human being as much more inteligent than us.

Cybernetics as a matter of fact is already existing today. Kevin is one of them because he implanted himself with circuits connected to his nerves. Computers react when they sensed he is coming, like his computer will do autocheck on his emails before he could sit in front of his computer, doors connected to computers are automatically opened when he pass by, lights on and off and so on and so forth. He even has convinced his wife to get implanted with circuits and it was successful.

This is a cool technology and I found it useful. Although it seems to be frightening because it would create a war between human and cyborg, I believe that no computers can be much more inteligent that us humans. However, it will lead me to think about the 'end of the world' and some 'biblical prophesies' and many other new age stuffs. Moreover it would tickle my imagination and lead me to imagine things like Terminator, Transformers and other robot -related films today.

Photos are available but I cannot post here because photos are copyrighted. Photo Gallery

more information about Kevin Warwick in Wikipedia

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Impact - Based Advertising

Impact-based advertising is a form of advertising that enables viewers to have a lasting psychological effect so they will remember the product or vendor. This technique makes advertisers gain or produce high traffics of visits or even a good impression to their site or products.It can help advertisers produce great results for a given expenditure.

Impact -based advertising differs with impression-based advertising, which focus only on the impressions gained and the number of times the ad is seen. Impact-based advertising gives the people or users more effective impressions that enables them to remember the products significantly and makes them remember it that would let them want it.

Impact-based advertising is very useful to those company that sells good products in any field especially on web-based content. With technology increasing, and newer sophisticated web-based ads have become practical, using this technique of advertising could catch more buyers.

Ads that come between users and the content they have requested are a form of interruption marketing, a category that also includes telemarketing calls during the dinner hour and commercials during your favorite television show. According to a report from IBM, The End of Advertising as We Know It, the advertising world will go through more change in the next five years than it did in the previous 50. An increasing trend towards impact-based and permission-based marketing is expected to be a part of that change.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Featuring Google Chrome.

I have always wanted a browser which I found it easy to navigate. Of course fast browsing speed is listed too. Both interchangeable in priority. In the past years, I never heard about Mozilla FireFox because the only broswer I know was the Internet Explorer by Microsoft. Later I discivered Firefox myself with its most recent version Firefox 3. I used it and I found Firefox3 better than Internet Explorer. Just recently I found a cool browser created by google. The name? Google Chrome. Google Chrome is so user friendly. I advise you to try this cool browser.

There are 10 quick tips for using Google Chrome:
1.   One Box for everything.
2.   New Tab Page
3.   Application shortcuts - shortcuts for your applications can be placed on desktop.
4.   Dynamic Tab - tabs can be clicked and dragged
5.   Crash Control - it has its own Task manager located on the empty tab area. Right click & select
6.   Incognito Mode - if you dont want to record on history the site you wanted to visit, use Ignition mode.
7.   Secure Browsing
8.   Instant Bookmarks
9.   Importing Settings
10. Simpler Downloads

I found Google Chrome very cool and user friendly. I believe that this browser will become sooner or later the default browser to be used. I like it most because of its wide screen display. Google Chrome is in its Beta version and I am waiting for thier incoming newer version for more advance browsing.

Download Google Chrome here

Heroes 3 Episode 1

Episode 1 aired September 22, 2008 at NBC.

I can't help myself thinking about Heroes, those villains and the heroes with their super powers tickled my imaginations. It's like I want their powers myself. Ops I'm not like Sylar who is a bad guy in the show. I know its kinda impossible that these can ba in reality. But as an avid enthusiastic viewer and fan of this show Heroes, I am somewhat addicted. Unfortunately Heroes is aired on NBC weekly and so I have to wait for the next episode weekly.

At this moment I have decided to write a short summary of each episode. Pardon me. So here it goes:

The Title for the entire Season 3 is Villain
Episode 1:
The first scene is showing Peter Petrelli running on one of the Streets of Manhattan, New York. This scene is showing a four years in future event which many things are yet to happen. Peter went inside a house (I think its not a house) where inside Claire Bennet is waiting. At this point, I wonder, could Claire be a villain? I cannot answer yet because, Heroes has full of surprizes!

Why I wondered Claire is a villain? When Peter entered that house, Claire aimed a gun on him. Peter having a scar on his face and I am not sure how he got those. When Claire aimed a gun on him, there was a short conversation and later Claire pulled the trigger. Peter, as we all know have the ability to stop the time and teleportation, he was able to dodge the bullet by stoping the time and teleported somewhere else. Matt after a deep sleep found himself laying on the ground of an African desert and met someone with ability (painting pictures on huge stones predicting future.

Remember at the end of season 2 where Nathan Petrelli, the older brother of Peter, when he was about to announce publicly in a news conference about them being special for possessing extra human abilities, he was stopped by a gun shot aimed at him directly to his body and recieved fatal wounds. The man who shot him is the Peter from the future. That future Peter came from the place where he confronted Claire aiming a gun. However Peter from the present was beside Nathan and saw everything. He thought that was someone else but actually that was him in the future.

Peter (present) chased Peter (future) without knowing Peter (present) who was that culprit. Peter (future) got Peter (present) locked in someones body and a man called Matt Parkman, a police officer, was later thrown to Africa for being the only person to know Peter (future) knows what is going on. Claire Bennet, the biological daughter of Nathan was terrible worried for the shooting incident on his father.

After that incident, Peter (present) was hidden in the body of some other man and Peter (future) pretended to be Peter (present). Peter (p) was also worried for his deed, but that was his plan to change the future.

"Miraculously", Nathan survived. The report says that it was a divine intervention because Nathan is showing religious intercessions, " I saw God today" he said to a woman in the church right after he "resurrected".

The next scene is showing Hiro Nakamura playing with time until Ando, his bestfriend came in. A little later a family lawyer came in to give Hiro a DVD which contain a video of his father's message to him before he died. In the video, his father gave him instructions and secrets and he found out a sheet of paper containing chemical formula inscribed which was placed in the safetybox of his father. A speedster came with superpower speed and took the formula from Hiro's hands. Hiro stopped the time and managed to see who that was. unfortunately she punched him on the nose then went unconscious and she runs fast; he never get back the formula. Hiro eager to know what will be happening in the future and try to do something to stop the wrong things that will happen, he tried to look at the future and found out a devastating future. Additional bad news is that Ando killed him with a super power.

On the other hand, Claire, decided to visit his father at the hospital. Unfortunately, Sylar is waiting for her outside. Sylar was able to take Claire's power (rejuvination) but he did not kill her.

In the house of Dr.Mohinder Suresh, where Maya asked help from him to take away her curse ability. There Dr. Suresh explained that he cant help her however he discoverd something because of Maya's ability. A chemical discovery on genetics. But Maya was taken aback when Dr Suresh told her that his discovery could give powers instead of removing. Maya was greatly disappointed and she wanted it to be destroyed. " You need to destroy that Dr Suresh" was Maya's words. But Dr Suresh got more enthused about his discovery and he cant be stopped.  Later after finishing his "testtubes" bla blah, he injected himself with the chemical and later he possess a super strenght like incredible hulk.

Linderman who is known to be dead sometime ago, appeared to Nathan but no other could see him except Nathan. They were talking about what is going on and many other things.

Tracy Strauss, the twin of Nikki/Jessica Sanders is the woman of one governor in on e the districts of US. They saw Nathan on television and the governor wanted Nathan to run in the senate. Tracy's power: freezes everthing that she touches.

Angela Petrelli, the mother of Nathan and Peter possess power I do not know, but I think it was incredible. watch it for more. Ask me for some spoilers.

Episode 1 was aired last September 22 together with Episode 2. I will be posting the summary of Episode 2 later. I have already wacthed Ep3 and soon I will be writing every episode every after the episode is aired on NBC.

I do not watch NBC, instead, i downloaded video so my summay would be dalayed a little later. watch out for more!

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