Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wowowee Contestant thanking "Eat Bulaga"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Featuring Windows 7

Ladies and gentlemen,

Windows 7 is the working name for the successor to the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. The new OS, expected to be released somewhere between mid-2009 and early 2010, was previously known by the code names Blackcomb and Vienna.

The new operating system will ship in client and server versions. The client version will be available in 32-bit and 64-bit editions. The server version, also called Windows 2008, will be available only in a 64-bit edition.

Windows 7 is expected to incorporate a new version of Media Center as well as support for multiple video adapters. Other anticipated new features include:

  • Gadgets integrated into Windows Explorer
  • Improved network connections
  • Integrated XML Paper Specification (XPS) Essentials Pack
  • Enhanced Control Panel
  • Enhanced Calculator program with statistics and unit conversion capabilities
  • Ability to store Internet Explorer settings on a Windows Live account
  • Updated version of the Paint program
  • Updated version of the WordPad program
  • A new Mapping program
  • A new Virtual Piano program

Video: Windows 7 start button and improved calculator
What's new in Windows 7? We're still learning. Thanks to a couple of YouTube videos[search it yourself, lol], I know there's a cool hover effect over the new Start button and a better calculator.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heroes Season 3 Premiered!

Heroes Season 3 premiered last Monday, September 22, 2008. I almost forgot that this TV series is already beginning until I realized there is something I have always been waiting. The Heroes has finally officially aired on NBC. Today will be the start of this never ending download of of this TV series. Why? because I found that this TV series is the coolest I've ever seen. Why the coolest? Check it out!

Heroes Preview Trailer

Here are links for you to know!

Heroes Official Website

Heroes - Wikipedia
Heroes Season 3 revealed - spoilers!
download Heroes Season 3  DOWNLOAD LINK
10 things you are not supposed to know about Heroes 3

Wanna WATCH HEROES by episode? ask me for the link.
Difficulty Downloading? Ask me for details.
You don't want to download but do want to own Heroes videos? ask me!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

A story about Illiteracy

I remember many years ago, a young teenage girl aged about 15 was working in our family as a helper. She was new to our place, in fact it was her first time to see a "city". She grew up in a very poor environment. Her father is a farmer and her mother wash clothes of richer people - "labandera". She finished until grade 2 only and cannot read well.

Before my mother accept her to work, we asked her parents if it is fine with them to send their daughter to work even if she did not have a good education yet; and she was still very young. Her mother said, "that is what the best for us right now, we needed enough money for our daily living. I'm allowing her to work for our sake. Please accept her as your helper" to my mother. Lets keep her in the name Sarah, not her real name.

She has been a good and obedient helper to us. After a few weeks of pf work, our trust to her is increased. We taught her many things with regards to her work. We taught her how to buy things in the market and she did a good job. She did all things for us so perfectly.

One day, we sent her to the same market where she used to go to buy the things we needed. It was a usual afternoon for her. But one thing that is not usual that time - she was asked to buy some three pads of intermediate paper in some paper station near the market. We know the very fact that it would be her first time to buy that stuff and so my mother gave her detailed instructions as to the 'whats' and 'wheres' including the 'hows'. When asked if she understood, she answered YES. She was asked if she had questions, she said none. And so there she goes to the market with our full trust.

After almost four hours, she did not return back home. We searched for her in the market and to the stores where we usually buy the things we needed. The vendor said, "oh, she was here earlier to buy some stuffs". We asked again in the other stalls, and we received the same reply. We searched for her almost all the corners of the market and found no Sarah. The vendors said she'd been here and bought the things she needed to buy, therefore she went to the market and bought the things she needs to buy.

She really did not came back that evening until we found her early in the morning sleeping outside our house. She looked tired and a bit dirty with every thing she bought the other day laid in the ground. We woke her up and asked her what happened...

Find out more next week....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Yahoo Mail was hacked!!

Notice to all Yahoo mail users.

The other day, I was on the rush. I checked my email and I saw that there were about 10 unread messages for me on that day. One of which is an email from a friend of mine who is now in Philadelphia, US. Another email in which I was not able to read that time yet is an email from stating that I have a New Message in my friendster account. Most of these other messages are coming from providing me notices that there are recently updates on my friendster friends list, Including blog updates from friends. One most important email that I recieved that time (by which I wasn't able to read yet due to "rush" circumstances), aside from the email I recived from that friend from Philidelphia is another email that I recieved from an agency that I was applying for a job. But because I was in the hurry, I need to go outside to do my business first before I'll read the message, I was able to read my emails later that night.

Surprisingly, when I got logged in into my yahoo email account that night. I noticed that most, I mean all of my recent email is already marked as read. The email that I talked about earlier which I am hundred percent sure is unread and never been read by me before I logged out my yahoo email account has already been read!! All of the recent email from friendter automated mail dilevery has been deleted!!! After that shocking discovery, I somewhat panicked. Asking myself who could have opened these emails. I am quite sure my sisters do not know my passwords and they do not know any hacking techniques. And I am quite sure that I have logged out my yahoo mail before I left. Thus concluding that my family are not responsible for this blatant crime!!!

What could be possibly happened here? I asked myself very puzzled.

Could it be that my yahoo mail account has been HACKED? or does my sisters or any family members knows password recovery strategies or do they any password recovery programs in which I do not know?

To know more about this, please come back to this site next week to find out what happened!!
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PS I do know now why these happened so please stay put!
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Survivor Philippines - Premiered Sept 15 08 - GMA - 7

Survivor Philippines Premiered September 15, Monday Aired on GMA -7 had finished its first day of 39 days of surviving strategies. Paolo Bediones as the host simply "mimic" the US version's host Jeff Probst, of course in Filipino dialect, in such a way that this Filipino version of Survivor would somehow create an atmosphere of Survicor similar to the one hosted by Jeff_Probst.

Survivor is a popular reality television game show format produced in many countries throughout the world. In the show, contestants are isolated in the wilderness and compete for cash and other prizes. The show uses a progressive elimination, allowing the contestants to vote off a tribe member, until only one final contestant remains and wins the title of "Sole Survivor". The format for Survivor was created in 1992 by Charlie Parsons, and the first production of it was the Swedish show Expedition: Robinson in 1997. source:

Country Show name Aired on Grand Prize Broadcast years Seasons
Flag of the African Union Africa Survivor M-Net Unknown 2006 1
Flag of Argentina Argentina Expedición Robinson Canal 13 $10,000 2002 2
Flag of Australia Australia Australian Survivor
Celebrity Survivor
Nine Network
Seven Network
AU$100,000 (For celebrity's chosen charity)
Flag of Belgium Belgium Expeditie Robinson VT4 (2000-2004), KANAALTWEE (2005-) 50,000 (originally BFr2,000,000) 2000 - Present 9
Flag of Brazil Brazil No Limite Globo R$ 300,000 2000 - 2001 3
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Survivor BG bTV 250,000 BGN 2006 - Present 3
Flag of Chile Chile Expedición Robinson: La Isla Vip Canal 13
2006 1
Flag of Colombia Colombia Expedición Robinson
La Isla de los FamoS.O.S. (Celebrity Season)
RCN TV COL$250,000,000 2001 - 2002
2004 - 2007
Flag of Croatia Croatia Survivor HRT
2005 1
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic Trosečník TV Prima 5,000,000 CZK 2007 1
Flag of Denmark Denmark Robinson Ekspeditionen TV3 Danmark 500,000 DKK(originally 1,000,000 DKK) 1998 - Present 11
Flag of Ecuador Ecuador Expedición Robinson Teleamazonas
2002 1
Flag of Estonia Estonia Ekspeditsioon Robinson TV3 Estonia
2001 - 2002 2
Flag of France France Koh-Lanta TF1 €100,000 (originally 500,000) 2001 - Present 8
Flag of Finland Finland Suomen Robinson Nelonen €100,000 2003-2004 2
Flag of Georgia (country) Georgia GMiri Survivor Rustavi 2
2007 - 2008 1
Flag of Germany Germany Expedition Robinson
Survivor – Überwinde. Überliste. Überlebe.
RTL II (2000-2001)
€250,000 2000
Flag of Greece Greece Expeditie Robinson
Mega TV
Flag of Hungary Hungary Survivor - A Sziget RTL Klub Ft10,000,000 and car 2003 - 2004 2
Flag of Israel Israel Survivor 10 Israel 10 650,000 and a car 2007 - Present 2
Flag of Italy Italy Survivor Italia
L'Isola Dei Famosi (Celebrity Season)
Italia 1
Rai Due
€200,000 2001
2003 - Present
Flag of Japan Japan Survivor TBS ¥10,000,000 2003 4
Flag of Latvia Latvia Robinsonii TV3 Latvia
2001 - 2002 2
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Expedition Robinson TV3 Lithuania
2001 - 2002 2
Middle East Survivor LBC 1,000,000SR 2005? 1
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands Expeditie Robinson (Joint version with Belgium) NET 5 (2000-2004), Talpa (2005-2006), RTL 5 (2007-) 50,000 2000 - Present 9
Flag of Norway Norway Robinsonekspedisjonen TV3 NOK1,000,000 1999 - Present 7
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Mountain Dew Survivor Pakistan PTV, TV One, ARY US$100,000 2006 (Discontinued) 1
Flag of the Philippines Philippines Survivor Philippines GMA Network P3,000,000 2008 (Upcoming) 1
Flag of Poland Poland Wyprawa Robinson TVN 100,000 PLN 2004 1
Flag of Portugal Portugal Survivor TVI Esc10,000,000 2001 1
Flag of Russia Russia Последний герой (Posledny Geroj, Last Hero) Channel One (Russia) 1,000,000 RUB 2002 - Present 5
Flag of Denmark Flag of Norway Flag of Sweden Scandinavia Robinson VIP TV3
2004 1
Flag of Serbia Serbia Survivor Srbija Fox televizija Unknown 2008 (Upcoming) 1
Flag of South Africa South Africa Survivor South Africa M-Net R1,000,000 2006 - Present 2
Flag of Spain Spain Supervivientes: Expedición Robinson
La Isla de los FamoS.O.S. (Celebrity Season)
Supervivientes (Celebrity Season)
Antena 3
€300,000 2000 - 2001
2003 - 2005
2006 - Present
Flag of Sweden Sweden Expedition: Robinson SVT (1997-2003), TV3 (2004-2005)
1997 - 2005 9
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Expedition Robinson TV3
1999- 2000 1
Flag of Turkey Turkey Survivor
Kanal D
Show TV

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Survivor ITV £1,000,000 2001 - 2002 2
Flag of the United States United States Survivor CBS US$1,000,000 2000 - Present 16
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela Robinson: La Gran Aventura Venevision 100,000,000 VEB 2001 - 2003 2

In the diagram listed above, Survivor has already known internationally. 41 Countries had already had their own versions of Survivor borrowing from the original concept of Charlie Parson. US had the most number of seasons produced with 16 seasons by now.

The first Filipino sole survivor will win P3,000,000.00
The Philippine version of Survivor is now aired on GMA - 7
weeknights 9:15 in the evening.
Here is the list of Survivor Castaway.
Survivor Philippines - unofficial blog
Survivor Philippines - official website

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hiro Nakamura - Heroes

One of the most awaited movie series in television today is the opening of Heroes Season 3 premiers on September 22, 2008, Monday. The title of this Season is "Villain" where it has rumored that most Heroes will become Villains if not all. I bet in this season, Hiro would contribute a big help to all of them.

Heroes is a very good movie series akin to Smallville, etc. The story is about random people who discovered themselves having extraordinary powers distinctively. Every body seems to have their own world and their uniqueness and some of them do not like what they have and some do like. Some use their powers for good and some use it for evil. One character could fly, another could predict the future through paintings, move things, telelport, stop time, read mind, and many more.

My favorite character in this film is Hiro Nakamura from Japan who possess the ability to stop the time and teleportation. In the film, it is technically called "Bending of time and space". Hiro could teleport and at the same time he could go back in time/go to the future or stop time simultaneously.

I could assure you to those who haven't heard about this awesome film. It would surely take your breathe away so watch! You can download it from here.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Problematic Woman Made Scandal Inside the Church

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY - September 12, 2008 - A woman of unknown name and age came to San Isidro Parish - Eco Church one wet evening of September 12 during the last day for the pre Archdiocesan Youth Day (AYD) Pilgrimage Cross celebration. The woman according to witnesses was at first roaming around the dark, unlighted (lights turned off) areas outside the church proper. She was found in those areas talking to herself and seems out of her mind. Later at around 8:00 in the evening when the program of activities is about to begin and most youth have gathered together in, the woman started to catch our attention. She started to have a raised voice and acting as if a crazy "Sissa" of of Jose Rizal's Novel Noli me Tangere, but never mentioned the names of Basilio and Crispin. As she was doing her "drama" (she looked as though acting), she directly went to the statue of the Blessed Mother saying "Mamamiry, mamamiry".

"KSP lang yan" I heard one of the young people around.

When she realized everyone seems to be ignoring her, she tried to get more of our attention and went to some young ladies who participated in the activity. She having a bad smell, caused them to get scared. One of the Council member went to her and bring her out. This triggered her and started to get a little wild and started to say curses. Fr Harnifer Godinez SSJV, Youth Moderator of the parish; one of the resident priest to talk to her a bit and try to calm her. But the woman seems to get more aggressive and somehow hates priests. She rans towards Fr Harni and trying to hurt him but she was stopped by some young men. The woman eager to hurt the priest spit saliva on him and it hit on his clothes.causing other young girl to receive some. The crowd seem to get scandalized and taken aback by the woman's behavior. Very soon, the Church's security guard came and dragged her out the Church.


Friday, September 12, 2008


Today, the opening of this newly created blog, September 12, 2008, (GMT+8)two days before the birthday of my friend Mark Andrew. Two days from now is also the beginning of the Novena to St Padre Pio whose feast day fall on September 23. There is no significant event happened today but I do feel that today is another special day not only for me but to many of you as well, who have great fervor and love towards our creator Almighty God under the guidance of the Most Blessed Mother Mary who we had just celebrated the feast of Her Nativity, that He giveth us the grace of life and the grace of giving us the most important thing in this life, the sanctification of our selves through acquiring the sanctifying grace into our soul in which acquired through the sacraments.

I have invited some to contribute here. Please leave comments and suggestions.

Thank you and God bless!

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