Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hiro Nakamura - Heroes

One of the most awaited movie series in television today is the opening of Heroes Season 3 premiers on September 22, 2008, Monday. The title of this Season is "Villain" where it has rumored that most Heroes will become Villains if not all. I bet in this season, Hiro would contribute a big help to all of them.

Heroes is a very good movie series akin to Smallville, etc. The story is about random people who discovered themselves having extraordinary powers distinctively. Every body seems to have their own world and their uniqueness and some of them do not like what they have and some do like. Some use their powers for good and some use it for evil. One character could fly, another could predict the future through paintings, move things, telelport, stop time, read mind, and many more.

My favorite character in this film is Hiro Nakamura from Japan who possess the ability to stop the time and teleportation. In the film, it is technically called "Bending of time and space". Hiro could teleport and at the same time he could go back in time/go to the future or stop time simultaneously.

I could assure you to those who haven't heard about this awesome film. It would surely take your breathe away so watch! You can download it from here.

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