Thursday, September 25, 2008

Featuring Windows 7

Ladies and gentlemen,

Windows 7 is the working name for the successor to the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. The new OS, expected to be released somewhere between mid-2009 and early 2010, was previously known by the code names Blackcomb and Vienna.

The new operating system will ship in client and server versions. The client version will be available in 32-bit and 64-bit editions. The server version, also called Windows 2008, will be available only in a 64-bit edition.

Windows 7 is expected to incorporate a new version of Media Center as well as support for multiple video adapters. Other anticipated new features include:

  • Gadgets integrated into Windows Explorer
  • Improved network connections
  • Integrated XML Paper Specification (XPS) Essentials Pack
  • Enhanced Control Panel
  • Enhanced Calculator program with statistics and unit conversion capabilities
  • Ability to store Internet Explorer settings on a Windows Live account
  • Updated version of the Paint program
  • Updated version of the WordPad program
  • A new Mapping program
  • A new Virtual Piano program

Video: Windows 7 start button and improved calculator
What's new in Windows 7? We're still learning. Thanks to a couple of YouTube videos[search it yourself, lol], I know there's a cool hover effect over the new Start button and a better calculator.

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5 violent reactions:

Ernesto said...

ummmm pretty nice but im using google chrome

chealdnodre said...

Hello Ernesto, Windows 7 is NOT a web browser, it is a new Operating System developed by Microsoft. This OS is not yet released in the market. Well Google Chrome is soo nice.. I might say, in fact, im using G Chrome and FF3..

Bass said...

Yes, this is an expected new os. I just hope that this will not be like the failure of Vista. People have gone back version from Vista to XP because many have been so disappointed and frustrated about Vista. I hope this will surpass WinXP after XP had surpassed Win98.

chealdnodre said...

I am also expecting no bugs in Win7
Google Chrome is cho!! hehehe

Maria Regina Apostolorum said...

I found out that Google chrome0.2 is not yet totally at its best.hope in the next version of Chrome, it mught have at its best

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