Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Yahoo Mail was hacked!!

Notice to all Yahoo mail users.

The other day, I was on the rush. I checked my email and I saw that there were about 10 unread messages for me on that day. One of which is an email from a friend of mine who is now in Philadelphia, US. Another email in which I was not able to read that time yet is an email from stating that I have a New Message in my friendster account. Most of these other messages are coming from providing me notices that there are recently updates on my friendster friends list, Including blog updates from friends. One most important email that I recieved that time (by which I wasn't able to read yet due to "rush" circumstances), aside from the email I recived from that friend from Philidelphia is another email that I recieved from an agency that I was applying for a job. But because I was in the hurry, I need to go outside to do my business first before I'll read the message, I was able to read my emails later that night.

Surprisingly, when I got logged in into my yahoo email account that night. I noticed that most, I mean all of my recent email is already marked as read. The email that I talked about earlier which I am hundred percent sure is unread and never been read by me before I logged out my yahoo email account has already been read!! All of the recent email from friendter automated mail dilevery has been deleted!!! After that shocking discovery, I somewhat panicked. Asking myself who could have opened these emails. I am quite sure my sisters do not know my passwords and they do not know any hacking techniques. And I am quite sure that I have logged out my yahoo mail before I left. Thus concluding that my family are not responsible for this blatant crime!!!

What could be possibly happened here? I asked myself very puzzled.

Could it be that my yahoo mail account has been HACKED? or does my sisters or any family members knows password recovery strategies or do they any password recovery programs in which I do not know?

To know more about this, please come back to this site next week to find out what happened!!
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PS I do know now why these happened so please stay put!
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