Thursday, October 2, 2008

Featuring Google Chrome.

I have always wanted a browser which I found it easy to navigate. Of course fast browsing speed is listed too. Both interchangeable in priority. In the past years, I never heard about Mozilla FireFox because the only broswer I know was the Internet Explorer by Microsoft. Later I discivered Firefox myself with its most recent version Firefox 3. I used it and I found Firefox3 better than Internet Explorer. Just recently I found a cool browser created by google. The name? Google Chrome. Google Chrome is so user friendly. I advise you to try this cool browser.

There are 10 quick tips for using Google Chrome:
1.   One Box for everything.
2.   New Tab Page
3.   Application shortcuts - shortcuts for your applications can be placed on desktop.
4.   Dynamic Tab - tabs can be clicked and dragged
5.   Crash Control - it has its own Task manager located on the empty tab area. Right click & select
6.   Incognito Mode - if you dont want to record on history the site you wanted to visit, use Ignition mode.
7.   Secure Browsing
8.   Instant Bookmarks
9.   Importing Settings
10. Simpler Downloads

I found Google Chrome very cool and user friendly. I believe that this browser will become sooner or later the default browser to be used. I like it most because of its wide screen display. Google Chrome is in its Beta version and I am waiting for thier incoming newer version for more advance browsing.

Download Google Chrome here

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Anonymous said...

Thnx for the comment :) *mhwags*

chealdnodre said...

you are welcome...add link? thanks...

Ganesh Kumar V said...

Hi friend added yours.. check it in my interesting links at sorry for the delay i had some important work..

woofer said...

Hi !!! added your site..

check at:-

chealdnodre said...

Hi , I already did, but later I will make some links, which are visible to all my visitors....

darmy said...

Google Chrome is slowly gaining its popularity. Not to mention other good software that Google have made include Picasa and Google Earth.

Maria Regina Apostolorum said...

thank you for the post, yes indeed. Google Chrome is getting popular. I am using one now. I am expecting newer version of Google Chrome by next year.

pchi said...

they say google chrome is good but I haven't tried it yet

I'm still so comfortable with Firefox

hi! thanks for the visit and the comment

I appreciate it

please leave comments not related to the post on the chatbox instead

as a general rule :-)

peace kababayan

chealdnodre said...

oh sorry...tnx

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