Thursday, October 2, 2008

Heroes 3 Episode 1

Episode 1 aired September 22, 2008 at NBC.

I can't help myself thinking about Heroes, those villains and the heroes with their super powers tickled my imaginations. It's like I want their powers myself. Ops I'm not like Sylar who is a bad guy in the show. I know its kinda impossible that these can ba in reality. But as an avid enthusiastic viewer and fan of this show Heroes, I am somewhat addicted. Unfortunately Heroes is aired on NBC weekly and so I have to wait for the next episode weekly.

At this moment I have decided to write a short summary of each episode. Pardon me. So here it goes:

The Title for the entire Season 3 is Villain
Episode 1:
The first scene is showing Peter Petrelli running on one of the Streets of Manhattan, New York. This scene is showing a four years in future event which many things are yet to happen. Peter went inside a house (I think its not a house) where inside Claire Bennet is waiting. At this point, I wonder, could Claire be a villain? I cannot answer yet because, Heroes has full of surprizes!

Why I wondered Claire is a villain? When Peter entered that house, Claire aimed a gun on him. Peter having a scar on his face and I am not sure how he got those. When Claire aimed a gun on him, there was a short conversation and later Claire pulled the trigger. Peter, as we all know have the ability to stop the time and teleportation, he was able to dodge the bullet by stoping the time and teleported somewhere else. Matt after a deep sleep found himself laying on the ground of an African desert and met someone with ability (painting pictures on huge stones predicting future.

Remember at the end of season 2 where Nathan Petrelli, the older brother of Peter, when he was about to announce publicly in a news conference about them being special for possessing extra human abilities, he was stopped by a gun shot aimed at him directly to his body and recieved fatal wounds. The man who shot him is the Peter from the future. That future Peter came from the place where he confronted Claire aiming a gun. However Peter from the present was beside Nathan and saw everything. He thought that was someone else but actually that was him in the future.

Peter (present) chased Peter (future) without knowing Peter (present) who was that culprit. Peter (future) got Peter (present) locked in someones body and a man called Matt Parkman, a police officer, was later thrown to Africa for being the only person to know Peter (future) knows what is going on. Claire Bennet, the biological daughter of Nathan was terrible worried for the shooting incident on his father.

After that incident, Peter (present) was hidden in the body of some other man and Peter (future) pretended to be Peter (present). Peter (p) was also worried for his deed, but that was his plan to change the future.

"Miraculously", Nathan survived. The report says that it was a divine intervention because Nathan is showing religious intercessions, " I saw God today" he said to a woman in the church right after he "resurrected".

The next scene is showing Hiro Nakamura playing with time until Ando, his bestfriend came in. A little later a family lawyer came in to give Hiro a DVD which contain a video of his father's message to him before he died. In the video, his father gave him instructions and secrets and he found out a sheet of paper containing chemical formula inscribed which was placed in the safetybox of his father. A speedster came with superpower speed and took the formula from Hiro's hands. Hiro stopped the time and managed to see who that was. unfortunately she punched him on the nose then went unconscious and she runs fast; he never get back the formula. Hiro eager to know what will be happening in the future and try to do something to stop the wrong things that will happen, he tried to look at the future and found out a devastating future. Additional bad news is that Ando killed him with a super power.

On the other hand, Claire, decided to visit his father at the hospital. Unfortunately, Sylar is waiting for her outside. Sylar was able to take Claire's power (rejuvination) but he did not kill her.

In the house of Dr.Mohinder Suresh, where Maya asked help from him to take away her curse ability. There Dr. Suresh explained that he cant help her however he discoverd something because of Maya's ability. A chemical discovery on genetics. But Maya was taken aback when Dr Suresh told her that his discovery could give powers instead of removing. Maya was greatly disappointed and she wanted it to be destroyed. " You need to destroy that Dr Suresh" was Maya's words. But Dr Suresh got more enthused about his discovery and he cant be stopped.  Later after finishing his "testtubes" bla blah, he injected himself with the chemical and later he possess a super strenght like incredible hulk.

Linderman who is known to be dead sometime ago, appeared to Nathan but no other could see him except Nathan. They were talking about what is going on and many other things.

Tracy Strauss, the twin of Nikki/Jessica Sanders is the woman of one governor in on e the districts of US. They saw Nathan on television and the governor wanted Nathan to run in the senate. Tracy's power: freezes everthing that she touches.

Angela Petrelli, the mother of Nathan and Peter possess power I do not know, but I think it was incredible. watch it for more. Ask me for some spoilers.

Episode 1 was aired last September 22 together with Episode 2. I will be posting the summary of Episode 2 later. I have already wacthed Ep3 and soon I will be writing every episode every after the episode is aired on NBC.

I do not watch NBC, instead, i downloaded video so my summay would be dalayed a little later. watch out for more!

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