Saturday, October 4, 2008

Impact - Based Advertising

Impact-based advertising is a form of advertising that enables viewers to have a lasting psychological effect so they will remember the product or vendor. This technique makes advertisers gain or produce high traffics of visits or even a good impression to their site or products.It can help advertisers produce great results for a given expenditure.

Impact -based advertising differs with impression-based advertising, which focus only on the impressions gained and the number of times the ad is seen. Impact-based advertising gives the people or users more effective impressions that enables them to remember the products significantly and makes them remember it that would let them want it.

Impact-based advertising is very useful to those company that sells good products in any field especially on web-based content. With technology increasing, and newer sophisticated web-based ads have become practical, using this technique of advertising could catch more buyers.

Ads that come between users and the content they have requested are a form of interruption marketing, a category that also includes telemarketing calls during the dinner hour and commercials during your favorite television show. According to a report from IBM, The End of Advertising as We Know It, the advertising world will go through more change in the next five years than it did in the previous 50. An increasing trend towards impact-based and permission-based marketing is expected to be a part of that change.

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