Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NEOSSat (Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite)

In these days of modern era where New Age  stuffs are being discussed in most corners of the world, the topics on the end of the world is inevitable. Most talk about the prophesy in the Bible regarding the Armaggedon which said that the earth will end by a comet that will collide on our planet. Some says meteors will be resposible for it and many other astrological phenomenon that somehow lead to the notion of the end of the world.

Never fear because a Canadian Space Agency (CSA) together with the Defense Research Developement Canada (DRDC) has developed a technology - surveillance satellite to monitor our space activities. This technology is called NEOSSat.

NEOSSat which means Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite is the project that is about to be launched on its expected launching on the year 2010. Sounds futuristic right? We could imagine a Star Trek or Star Wars scenario for this specific project. Althought the project is just a piece of small high tech gadget which weigh about 143 pounds and is the size of a large suitcase, its capability is high since it is a product of CSA and DRDC.

This NEOSSat is a satellite designed to identify and track objects in space. That is to say that this project will take a look on the atmosphere above to know whether there are incoming meteors or asteroids or probably commet (Armaggedon!) that will about to enter the territory of Earth. NEOSSat's telescope will track asteroids that are on a potential collision course with earth. The telescope will also be able to identify and track space debris to prevent collisions that would disrupt telecommunications systems.

It will circle close to earth on a polar orbit that affords almost constant sunlight and a darker sky. From that vantage point, the telescope on NEOSSat will be able to monitor an area within 45 degrees of the sun. That area is very difficult, if not impossible, to observe from Earth-based telescopes and is also an area where near Earth asteroids tend to be concentrated.

information provided to me by Techtarget.com
and published by Whatis.com

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